Donnerstag, 21. Juni 2012

Finally... exams are over yay! Now I just hope that all the work gets rewarded with passing my year! But the most important is that I have a life again haha :)

Next week I'm going to Italy for summer holidays. We have a little flat there near the beach, I'm so excited to finally have holidays:) After 5 weeks of non-stop learning you just enjoy your life even more!

On tuesday I went to Roermond Outlet which was just amazing! I bought a Micheal Kors Hamilton bag and a MK wallet and that for an amazing price! I will do a haul post in the next days with all the things I bought the last days do reward me for my 5 week pain haha :D

Tonight I'll probably watch football with my boyfriend and family (Portugal-Czech Republic), I'm so happy that Italy is now in the quarterfinal yeah:) Which is your favourite soccer-team? Are you watching the european football championship?

Have a nice rest of the day,


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