Samstag, 28. April 2012

Let's start!

How to start better than with my favourite jewellery and lipgloss at the moment? I really have to say that I'm totally obsessed with them! When it comes to jewellery I really LOVE statement pieces, the big chunky ones that turn your boring outfit into a gorgeous one :)

I was not really a fan of the YSL lip products before because they tended to be too creamy, and when i first heard of the YSL glossy stains I was really sceptical, but when I first tried it out I was really suprised, it lasts really long and the colour is just a very girly bright pink which I think is just a nice colour for spring:) (just in case you want to know it, I think it is the number 17). I will swatch it for you in one of my next posts where I'm gonna swatch my favourite lipglosses and lipsticks for spring/summer :)


Spikes addiction: Ring, Bracelet and Earrings:

Skull ring: / Necklace: Primark/YSL  Lipgloss : Sephora